JB Handbags is excited to announce campaign #BarkforBags!

JB Handbags is dedicated to supporting the well being of homeless dogs and is making a pledge to donate 15% of all profits to Operation Kindness for every handbag purchase made through campaign #Barkfordogs. At the end of each month we will aggregate all proceeds and submit our donation.

We’re excited to support such a great cause and help improve the lives of homeless dogs (and our feline friends too!).

Why Operation Kindness?

They have saved more than 75,000 animals since their inception in 1976. They care for approximately 300 animals on a day-to-day basis, with another 100 animals in foster homes. More than 3,000 dogs and cats are assisted by Operation Kindness each year. Also, they are a NO KILL shelter!

JB Handbags recognizes Operation Kindness as an outstanding organization and is happy to contribute to help their cause. Below are more details on how contributions will be used to help these guys…

    • Spay and neuter procedures in their clinic for every animal
    • Microchipping identification
    • Food, vaccinations and medicine for more than 3,000 animals assisted annually

      Lastly, we understand not everyone is in the market for a new handbag. Fortunately there are more ways you can help if you love animals.

          The easiest way to help the cause is to simply share #Barkforbags.  Let others know about the campaign and we’ll do the rest.

              We all know there isn't a better combination than a fashionable handbag and a happy dog. If you're spending on a quality top of the line handbag why not make it count?

              Browse our collections below and find your next JB Handbag.


              We look forward to having you along for #BarkforBags!



              Joseph Byron